ARM cortex for new FM Family Microcontrollers

Mobile ecosystem and solutions mural

Automotive graphic:"Connecting People to Cars, Human-Machine Interface"

Eco-friedly mobile devices connecting people together

LED light concept illuminating the building structure and LED billboard

Automotive solutions showcasing imaging and cluster display

Mobile power management solution showing people and mobile devices

Layout featuring escalator handrail with LED light fixtures and underground display panel

Welcome to my web portfolio. I am an experienced Marketing Communications Professional whospecializes in integrated marketing content creation and campaign management.

I have successful track record with planning and execution of marketing programs that generate positive results.

I am a seasoned web designer with hands-on skills in Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Tridion and HTML/CSS. This web site is optimized using simple, clean, crisp templates using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 codes for enhanced web and mobile viewing!

Campaign Management


Manage promotional budget and working with creative ad agencies to strategically plan campaigns and online ad placements. Work jointly with management and cross-functional teams to formulate campaign strategy and measuring success based on quantitative results. Fully conversant with search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Integrated Marketing


Excel at working with management and cross-functional teams to draft press releases and develop impactful messages to evangelize company's vision, product offerings and thought-leadership. Develop video storyboard and promotional content for press releases, articles, web and social media sites, blogs, technical papers,and advertisements.

PR & Event Management


Draft press releases and technical articles. Develop new stories to pitch to journalists. Conduct analyst inquireis and briefings. Actively reach out to journalists for press interviews. Successfully managed events, large and small, from end-to-end.

Featured Work

I am known to think outside-the-box and take on new challenges and initiatives. Having a strong background in visual arts, I enjoy the creative process from conceptualizing to developing effective content that generate desired results.

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